Prodigy-5 | Buy All-in-one Multivitamin Nutrition
A revolutionary new product featuring five unique attributes that create an all-in-one nutritional experience for everyone, every day. Buy Prodigy-5 from Forevergreen, FGXpress
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Prodigy-5! A new all-in-one nutritional product featuring a revolutionary new delivery system being coined “Trans-Armor Nutrient Technology” creating the perfect opportunity to grow your health and your wealth overnight!


A revolutionary new product featuring five unique attributes that create an all-in-one nutritional experience for everyone, every day. Take advantage of the technology and know-how, and enjoy the benefits of the phytoplankton, antioxidants, vitamins, and energy you can feel in minutes with the new ForeverGreen / FGXpress product: Prodigy-5



• Vitamin A • Vitamin C • Vitamin E • Vitamin B6 • Thiamin • Niacin •Vitamin B12 • Vitamin D • Vitamin K • Folate • Riboflavin


• Lutein • Zeaxanthin • Copper • Zinc


• Live Pomegranate • Live Raspberry • Phytoplankton • Green Tea

Does not contain artificial sweetners or additives. Sweetened with Pomegranate, Raspberry, and Stevia.


Developed by medical industry leaders


Dr. Ambati, child prodigy, and ForeverGreen’s own Research Scientist Adam Saucedo have partnered together and developed what is being called the check-mate in the conversation of nutrition, Prodigy-5.


This means that your stomach acids act like a wall, preventing supplements and nutrients from passing to your blood stream and cells; only a percentage survives. Plain English?

Your body gets only a fraction of the nutrients it digests. So, this begs the question, Can it be changed? Can we use modern science to get more out of the digestive process?

The answer is a very exciting yes!

Prodigy-5 with the perfect micro-nutrient formula featuring “Trans-Armor Nutrient Technology” that can quickly deliver the nutrients you need throughout your entire body

and has the ability to increase the absorption and utilization of those nutrients to maximize your results. With this ground-breaking technology and formula, Prodigy-5 is the solution to the global problem of malnutrition.

With today’s nutritionally bankrupt foods, and the bodies inability to absorb 100% of even the healthiest whole foods, malnutrition effects every singe one of us.

Whether you are healthy, wealthy, poor or starving, every person on this planet needs the nutritional revolution offered in Prodigy-5. It is literally for EVERYONE, EVERY DAY.

Prodigy-5 Highlights
  • Delivered in a revolutionary new bio-available absorption technology.
  • Phytoplankton which is truly the checkmate in the conversation of nutrition.
  • Real Fruit Antioxidants for free radical protection and repair.
  • A full spectrum of Vitamins & minerals that can protect.
  • A long lasting boost of Natural Energy that you can feel.
Prodigy-5 Technology

Prodigy 5 contains the new “TransArmor” delivery technology that provides nutrition and energy at the highest level of absorption to our body’s cells, including:

  • a micronutrient formula for general health
  • a micronutrient formula for eye health
  • an impressive antioxidant profile
  • an impressive and new bio-enhancing absorption technology
Drs. Ambati & Saucedo Collaborated To Bring A New Technology To The Market Exclusively Through ForeverGreen / FGXpress
Two Doctorates, Research & Medicine

Started Doing Calculus At Age 4 – Graduated From High School At Age 11
Graduated From College At Age 13 – Entered Medical School At Age 14

Became The Youngest Doctor In History At Age 17 (Guinness Book of World Records Holder)


New York University, Mount Sinai School of Medicine,
Harvard University, Duke University

Ophthalmologist, Surgeon, Educator & Researcher Winner of multiple prestigious honors and awards for achievements in medicine and medical research


With his incredible story, his remarkable career and his many prestigious awards, we are fortunate to have him as the newest member of the ForeverGreen Scientific Advisory Board.

Esteemed ForeverGreen family member Dr. Adam Saucedo is friends and colleagues with Dr. Ambati and they have collaborated to bring this technology to market exclusively to ForeverGreen

Research Scientist, National Institutes of Health Founder

New Life Center The World’s Largest Eating Disorder Facility
Esteemed Member of the ForeverGreenMedical Advisory
Board Chief Medical Advisor & Founder of the Center for Hearts Education University of Rochester School of Medicine


Dr. Saucedo was born and raised in Latin America.  He studied as an undergraduate at Salem College in Salem, Massachusetts, before earning his medical degree at the University of Rochester School of Medicine in 1993.


In 2001, he founded a multi-specialty practice and medical imaging center in Salt Lake City, UT, before his partnership negotiated the purchase of the landmark Doxey-Hatch Building, which opened its doors in early 2005 to become one of the largest eating disorder patient care facilities in the world. For the next three years, Dr. Saucedo served as the managing partner and CEO. He is also the current recipient of a coveted fellowship in research focused on drug discovery and the study of angiogenesis. Dr. Saucedo lectures locally and internationally on nutrition and health.

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